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KFC ZINGER Waffle Burger

Will not get me buying for 2nd time. The waffles are too thick, I don’t have a big mouth.. Not fluffy, because they are meant to hold the chicken meat, mayonnaise, maple syrup, and that slice of “iforgotwhatyoucallit”. Taste wise.. Okay.


I prefer a normal zinger burger, at least got lettuce (is that lettuce?), this one no…

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every where itchy…

not sure is it because i bathed with dirty water from the shower.. supposed to have water disruption at my area but we still get our water… this morning woke up, itchy from face to body… not mosquito bite… wait… i think itchiness started last night when i tried to sleep but failed, thanks to insomnia for at least 3 hours again..

people eat when they are hungry.. but i eat, not just when hungry… i eat when i’m happy… i also eat when i’m unhappy… and i’m not sure which mood am i now because i’m like eating as when i want… i think i had brunch around 4 pm.. then dinner just now around 8 pm.. then now supper..

i return all the petty cash claims already.. the keys too.. and done groceries shopping.. but still i felt something amiss.. i just don’t know what..

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am just lazying….

searching for new job.. eat, sleep, watch online shows, listen to music, play mobile games… everyday since i quit my job.. i’m going to do this for 1 week.. holiday man.. everyday raining make me more lazy to go anywhere..

i still have 2 outlets to go… return the petty cash claimed that were banked into my account, and the keys… those aren’t my money and i have no intention to keep them.. i shall return them by this week..

i’m so hungry now..

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everyone is trying to hide..

something.. some hide themselves away from reality because they don’t want to face the truth.. some hide money because they don’t believe in putting them in savings, in the bank.. there is just something that everyone tries to hide..

no matter how we hide, the fact will never change.. the truth is still there… how far can we hide? how long can we hide? facing the truth of everything is not as easy as you think because that’s human nature..

i wish i can hide things forever.. nobody knows… as nobody cares..

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i need another RM 100 but..

who will lend me? i did asked him for money but what did he say? he asked me to go to his parents’ house, count the coins on the table, in the room. why can’t he just give me money? got money to bank in, to clear his credit card, but no money give me? seriously… i asked him to lend me… lend…

going into my 3rd month of cough, thanks to the annoying phlegm, that i managed to cough out some recently, thanks to the throat irritation, and the medicines.. there goes my money! does he care? no… why? he’s not even home… guess what… the last time i saw him was…. 1st July 2018… that day… my paternal grandmother’s funeral..

from the day i remove my account from the PC, removed my things from that room.. i’m not going back… i’m not going to a place where i don’t feel happy at all.. AND it’s out of the way of the normal route i use to and fro work.. i rather spend my time elsewhere than there..

work already gave all shit of stress..

who will help me now? whatever money i have now will not last me till end of the week, i still need to pump petrol, top up my season parking card, food, and etc..

blame me all…

when i’m unhappy.. i just want to eat.. hide myself away from reality… play my game… do whatever i want..