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had 3 damn dreams… 3 different situations…


i dreamed.. like an actress alongside veteran actress gigi wong. i can’t remember what is the dream about anymore… there were heated arguments.. but damn.. i can clearly see her in my dream.

i hate arguing when dreaming… because sometimes it makes me panting while still sleeping.. i can feel it like real, just that can’t wake up.

2 present

i dreamed that i took rm 100 twice from 2 different locations. his money, without asking, without telling. it happened in his parents’ house. 

i guessed this because he never bother to do his part, never give me money use, never care at all. i’m getting really fed-up already.

i dreamed of sex abused by a big size man until injuries, bleeding… i can’t remember exactly how but it was torturing.

what’s significant relation to reality?

seriously… this is not the first time i have these dreams. is so real. is scary. i’m not sure if whatever i dreamed will create a new phobia.


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Jo Car Delivery Service

Car type:

  • Perodua Myvi – Compact

Delivery charges:

  • First 5 km = RM 8.00
  • Every subsequent km = RM 1.00
  • Return trip = RM 5.00
  • Advance booking = RM 5.00
  • Last minute cancellation = RM 10.00
Delivery Location:
  • Selangor
  • Other places, please ask
Delivery Type:
  • Flower
  • Cake
  • Food / beverage
  • Groceries
  • Not illegal
  • Not dangerous
  • Not animal
  • Not pest
  • Not insects
  • Documents
  • Clothes
  • Other, please ask

If you are interested, you may WhatsApp me.


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Motorola C1001LA Single Cordless Phone


  • DECT GAP digital cordless phone
  • 100 name and number phonebook
  • Bright backlit display
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Visual indication of missed call
  • Microphone mute
  • ECO mode to reduce the transmitted power and energy consumption
  • Caller ID / Call Waiting
  • 20 name and number Caller ID list
  • Polyphonic ringer melodies (user selectable)
  • Intercom / Call transfer between handsets
  • 10 redial memory
  • Expandable up to 4 handsets
  • Up to 10 hours talk time / Up to 200 hours standby time

Selling Price: RM50

  • New

Interested? WhatsApp me..

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nyoroku? nyoroko? nyouroko? nyouroku?

i don’t remember exactly which word anymore… not the first time dreaming of this place. something like an Indonesian village that don’t exist; not really exist on map. there are Chinese people there. the moment you leave the place, it’s not there anymore. it’s like a hideous place, weird people, quite, dark, and mysterious. the villagers wear clothes same as me. not anything like aborigines. i just don’t know why did i have such dream, the 2nd time.

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nutty oats shake

what’s brunch today?

a nutty oats shake and i had to dilute with yesterday’s refreshing tea because it’s too thick.

why so thick? no proper measurements as usual..


  • walnuts
  • brazil nuts
  • quaker instant oats
  • milk
  • raisins
  • sunflower seeds
  • chocolates


  1. use a hand blender, blender everything together.
  2. best if served chilled.

my milk not cold when i made it. and i was too hungry to leave it inside the fridge to cold. and i don’t have ice. so no choice but to dilute with tea.

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