First Saturday

Enl MY and Res MY are gearing up for a whole year of fun starting with the return of First Saturday! Come on down to Petaling Jaya on the 5th of January at 10am to enjoy a full day of cross faction social fun!

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Date: 5th January 2019
Time: 10am
Location: Big Silver Leaf Sculpture,101.645142&z=19&pll=3.09883,101.644496

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Zesty Chicken Drumsticks

Bought 4 chicken drumsticks yesterday, and went dinner at nearby eatery. So when I reached home, instead of putting them in the freezer, I marinated them.


  • 4 chicken drumsticks
  • sweet honey mustard sauce
  • homemade seasoning
  • 1 orange zest and juice


  1. Clean the drumsticks.
  2. Use a pair of kitchen scissors to poke holes. You can also slice the meat. (Optional)
  3. Marinate the drumsticks with homemade seasoning, sweet honey mustard sauce, orange zest (mine are small strips that I cut using the scissors, after peeling off from the orange using the peeler), and orange juice.
  4. I marinated the drumsticks overnight in a box, in the fridge.
  5. Flipped them at least 3 – 4 times. (Optional)
  6. Microwave using Chicken Mode, 200 g. Repeat if necessary until cook. (Different microwave will have different settings)


Presentation not nice? No problem because I’m the only one eating. As long as taste nice. 😛

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Oh people… Can’t you speak proper English? Must you ask me, can I speak Mandarin? I know I’m Chinese but that doesn’t mean I can speak Mandarin throughout the conversation. And I’m MISS NOT MISTER. How can you not differentiate? How can Wong Jolene be a guy? Almost want to hang up. If this person is those telemarketing callers, sure kena liao… This fella is from those HR Recruitment Company. I applied for a job via the group post.

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i’m back to level 1 but as resistance. it wasn’t my plan to recurse but at the end… i did.. and since recurse means restart, so i might as well start as resistance. officially faction change.

i’ve completed enlightened 16 in less than 2 years of game play. now let see how long i take to complete resistance 16. i’m not as active as last time. else i would have gotten my sojourner onyx.


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Sakit gigi bila duit masalah…

Benci betul! Dah lah tak banyak duit tinggal.. Sakit gigi Pulak.. Manalah duit datang? Pakcik tu satu sen pun tak kasi.. Gigi tu dah retak.. Memang pun kena baiki sejak dulu… Takde duit je..

ni terpaksa minta tolong doctor… bayar mini installment… bukan tak bayar… bayar secara entah sampai bila… still better than tak bayar lah… kesian doctor i ni… teruk punya patient (me).